Wii repaired free!

A few weeks ago my Nintendo Wii started not accepting any Wii disks (but was still fine for GameCube ones… interesting). It made a clicking noise for a bit and then declared “Bad Disk” or something like that.

I need my Wii. I watch all my TV through it, using recordtv. I had to get it fixed.

I looked up the official support options, and the deal in the UK is that you go to http://www.nintendoservicecentre.co.uk and they send you an envelope. You put your Wii in the envelope (postage paid) and they have a look at it. Then they give you one of two fixed prices: either £28 or £70 depending on the severity of the problem. (I guess £70 is about the cost price of a Wii?). If you agree on the price, you pay them and they send it back fixed, postage paid.

So I sent mine off, worried and entertainment-less. I heard nothing for about a week, and then it returned, fixed, with a little sticker on it saying “Repair: Wii minor, £0.00.”

Paint me satisfied.

+1 Nintendo.

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