FreeGuide 0.10.9

So let’s quietly forget FreeGuide 0.10.8, which basically didn’t work.

I fixed the problem (which was some nasty threading thing) by making the initial “Choose Channels for XMLTV” call from the first time wizard not do the clever stuff of displaying errors to the user. Instead it dumps any errors to the console (which is an improvement over swallowing them completely as it did before), and when you run “Choose Channels for XMLTV” from the menu, or “Configure” from the Options screen, you still get the errors displayed in a nice dialog as in 0.10.8.

More excitingly, new in this release: some unit tests!

You can run them by doing this in the src directory:

java freeguide.test.slow.FreeGuideSlowTest

They test the fixes I made in 0.10.9 for XMLTV files that have certain attributes missing, and have different date formats.

The date formats were supposed to be already working, but a fix I made several years (yes, years) ago broke them. Why didn’t I catch the problem? No tests.

The second age of FreeGuide is coming. I shall call it The Time of Testing.

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