Two new babies

I have 2 new babies to tell you about:

1. Gnome Simple Stateful Music Player which is a music player that just stays out of your face, playing music off your hard drive without making a database or anything like that. It uses GNOME/GTK, GConf and gstreamer and is written in C, which is great fun.

I think C and Python are actually very similar: they are direct languages that are designed to be simple, and allow you to specify what you want to happen in a very straightforward way.

GSSMP is nearly ready for a 0.1 release – it’s simple, but it does most of what I want. Its killer feature is that it remembers what you were listening to and continues from there when you restart. Sounds simple, I know, but sorely lacking from some music programs. It also starts quickly, as opposed to, say, slowly or, for example, very slowly.

2. Another one:


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