FreeGuide 0.10pre2

So I’ve put out FreeGuide version 0.10pre2, and then a little bug-fix release because the Linux RPMs were broken. By calling this 0.10pre2-2 I managed to annoy my faithful Gentoo packager Christian, and myself, but at the time it seemed too much hassle to bump everytjing up to 0.10pre3.

The next release, 0.10.3, is going to be stable, and everyone is finally going to be using and testing our latest code stream. We’ve had a few bugs reported again 0.10pre2, and we’ve already got a couple to fix, and then we’re going to push it out asap and get everyone migrated up.

I hope people will like the new version – it’s a lot faster, and the UI experience is better (in my opinion). I just hope there aren’t too many wrinkles in the upgrade path.

Alex has written some good upgrade code, but some of the concepts have changed, and I’m not entirely happy with the depths you have to delve into the Options screen just to play with your XMLTV grabber, but most things should “Just Work” for normal users.

After 0.10.3, I really want to get recording working, using Reuel’s plugin. If anyone wants to send me a UK digital TV card, you can be sure it would be put to good use…

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