Setting up my ideal email system 2

Setting up Mozilla Thunderbird

On the same machine that was running Dovecot, I set up Thunderbird to be able to access my email. I did this by creating a new email account (which I called “Andy IMAP”), choosing “localhost” as the server, and entering the username I created in /etc/imap.passwd (‘brian’ in the example I gave) as the username. I set up all the other settings as I wanted them, and clicked OK.

When I clicked “Get New Messages,” Thunderbird asked for my password, and I entered the password I had put into /etc/imap.passwd (‘sausages’ in the example I gave). Now I could see some folders had appeared under the new account I had created, but there was nothing in them.

I tested whether I could read and write emails to the account by dragging an email from another folder (in an old account) to the “Inbox” folder in the new account “Andy IMAP”. It copied OK, and when I clicked on Inbox I could see the email in the list, and when I clicked the email its contents appeared in the preview pane. Success! My IMAP account existed.

Next time, how I made emails that people sent to me appear in my new Inbox.

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