Obviously, there was a bug

So I’ve released GSSMP 1.1, which is guaranteed to contain one fewer bugs, and is relatively unlikely to contain any new ones. Also, thanks to João Pinto, it should build without warnings on AMD64 too!

If anyone wants to make an AMD64 package, I’d be really happy to put that up on the download page. It should be a simple matter of unzipping the source, cd-ing into the gssmp directory, and running make pkg-all.

Go on, it’ll be fun…

GSSMP goes beta

I’ve just released version 0.9 of GSSMP, and since I’ve fixed all the bugs I know about (except working around a gstreamer bug, which I will try to do before 1.0), I’ve marked this release as beta.

This is the second project I’ve marked as beta, and I am determined I am going to get to 1.0 this time. That means no more features, just bug fixes, and hopefully a 1.0 release in a few weeks, when it’s had a bit of testing.

Really, I think FreeGuide should have had a 1.0 release a couple of years ago, but I’ve always had a lot of features in mind before I feel it is complete. I think this was a mistake: it was pretty stable at one point, and it might have been helpful to label it as such.

GSSMP is not going to fall into that trap! It’s supposed to be minimal, and that is what it is.

It’s surprising how many features would be nice to have in a minimal app, though, like being a drag and drop target and checking the MIME types of files before playing them, not to mention cool stuff like gapless playback and volumne balancing…

But no, these will have to come after 1.0. My focus needs to go back onto FreeGuide after GSSMP 1.0, as I’ve been neglecting it, and it needs some love if it’s ever going to get to 0.11 … and 0.12 … and so on for infinity … and then after that, 1.0.