Obviously, there was a bug

So I’ve released GSSMP 1.1, which is guaranteed to contain one fewer bugs, and is relatively unlikely to contain any new ones. Also, thanks to João Pinto, it should build without warnings on AMD64 too!

If anyone wants to make an AMD64 package, I’d be really happy to put that up on the download page. It should be a simple matter of unzipping the source, cd-ing into the gssmp directory, and running make pkg-all.

Go on, it’ll be fun…

3 thoughts on “Obviously, there was a bug”

  1. How about just installing a cross-compiler on one of your outdated systems?

    Oh wait, you’ve already heard how enjoyable it is.

  2. I have occasional fantasies about installing about 10 virtual machines – one for each Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, SuSe etc. version, and writing a scripting interface to automatically build native packages for each system inside the virtual machines.

    Is it normal to have fantasies about such things?

  3. No. I could tell you about normal fantasies, then you could exercise your post editing powers.

    What you really want is a cross packager. Packages are just streams of bytes (on all platforms), so given some source code, and some sort of package specification file you should be able to write a C program to produce a set of packages.

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