Letter to my MP: using starvation as a weapon

Dear Ben Spencer,

The behaviour of Hamas on 7th October and afterwards is inexcusable, and is rightly condemned by our government.

I believe that the ongoing behaviour of the Israeli government in response to these attacks is inexcusable, and should be condemned in the strongest terms.

Human Rights Watch reports:

* Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on October 19 that Israel would not allow humanitarian assistance “in the form of food and medicines” into Gaza through its crossings “as long as our hostages are not returned.”

* What’s been happening on the ground, backed by such top-level statements from Israeli leaders, is “reflecting an intent to starve civilians as a method of warfare”.

* Israel’s continuing blockade of Gaza, not to mention its illegal closure of Gaza for more than 16 years, amounts to collective punishment of the civilian population.

* The government of Israel needs to immediately stop weaponizing starvation, and concerned governments should call on Israel to do so.

(Reference: https://www.hrw.org/the-day-in-human-rights/2023/12/18?story=paragraph-7339 )

Please urge our government to condemn these actions, and work for a lasting peace.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Balaam

(Feel free to re-use my wording in similar letters.)

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