Why I’m voting tactically against you – letter to my Conservative MP

Here’s the letter I just sent to my MP. Feel free to use it in full or in part.

Dear Ben Wallace,

Last night I made the decision to vote tactically against you at the next election, and I felt I owed you an explanation.

I now feel that any of the likely alternatives is a better option than a continuation of your government. I have four main reasons.

1. Refugee Crisis

Our government’s catastrophic policy of deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda is immoral, illegal and, I hope and believe, impossible to achieve.

It is destroying our international reputation.

Whenever you get a chance to vote against Suella Braverman or anyone else from the hateful wing of your party, please take it.

2. Climate Crisis

Our government is asleep at the wheel. Carbon reduction should be at the centre of every part of government policy, and wholesale energy transition should be the most important consideration for our budget and policy.

In order for our world as we know it to survive, we need to act now. Further, if the UK acts quickly it still has the chance to be a world leader and benefit financially from the opportunities offered by new technology.

Instead, we are trailing behind on our carbon commitments, and failing to meet our promises on help for countries suffering the early effects.

3. NHS Crisis

There are not enough staff in the NHS and those that remain are worn out. As a former doctor I’m sure I don’t need to explain the situation to you.

I’m sure reform is needed, but the most urgent need is for money. I want to pay more tax to invest in a future where my healthcare is secure. I don’t want to live in a society where the risk of losing my job or becoming long-term sick makes me unable to access healthcare. I take huge comfort from the knowledge that the NHS has my back, and your government appears to be actively working to take that away.

4. International Aid Cuts

The enormous cut in our international aid budget (notwithstanding the pathetic attempt to mask it by redirecting funds towards domestic Home Office spending on the refugee crisis) is disastrous for millions of people around the world, and takes away one of our most effective tools for preventing refugees from needing to escape their home countries.

I’m afraid there is little you can do to prevent any of the above, but I wish you well trying, and for picking up the pieces after the landslide defeat I hope and trust is on its way. I encourage you to try and re-enter the centre ground of politics rather than sliding further towards the hateful wing.


Andy Balaam

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