Running Dojo 1.7+ DOH unit tests on the command line with Rhino

To run your own DOH-based unit tests on the command line using Rhino:

NOTE: this is Dojo 1.7 and above. For 1.6, there was a whole other cryptic incantation.

Project layout

Imagine your code is somewhere different from dojo, and another library you use is somewhere else:


Config file

Yes, you need a config file. Imagine it’s at C:/code/mycode/dohconfig.js and it looks like this:

    paths: {
        "org/me" : "../../../code/mycode/org/me",
        "org/them" : "../../../code/mycode/org/them/nicelib"

Command line

Now you can run your tests like this:

java -jar C:/libs/dojo/util/shrinksafe/js.jar C:/libs/dojo/dojo/dojo.js baseUrl=file:///C:/libs/dojo/dojo load=file:///C:/code/mycode/dohconfig.js load=doh test=org/me/mytests/mytestmodule


  • java -jar – run Java and execute a JAR file.
  • C:/libs/dojo/util/shrinksafe/js.jar – path to the JAR file that is Rhino, a JavaScript interpreter written in Java (and included in Dojo’s source distribution).
  • C:/libs/dojo/dojo/dojo.js – the Dojo “loader” – unlike in 1.6 and earlier, you don’t run DOH’s runner.js. Instead you run dojo.js and pass “load=doh” as an argument.
  • baseUrl=file:///C:/libs/dojo/dojo – a URL form of the location of the directory that contains dojo.js.
  • load=file:///C:/code/mycode/dohconfig.js – the location of your config file, which defines the “paths” variable, previously (in 1.6) known as registerModulePaths. This variable helps Dojo find your code based on its module name (here “org/me”).
  • load=doh – after you’ve read (actually, executed) the config file, execute DOH.
  • test=org/me/mytests/mytestmodule – the module name of your test (not the path – a module name which can be found using the lookups in the paths defined in your config file).

6 thoughts on “Running Dojo 1.7+ DOH unit tests on the command line with Rhino”

  1. Excellent article…is there a way to read the unit test results from the command line and log them to a text/xml file? Thanks

  2. Excellent article!!

    One question: when I try to run a test that touch the dom (e.g.: when I create a in my test) it complains that window is undefined.
    After some tests I noticed that the rhino engine didn’t provide a dom implementation.
    Am I missing someting?

  3. Hi Ricardo, thanks! You are not missing something. There is no DOM when running in Rhino. env.js ( might do what you need, if you want to do tests of DOM-manipulating code on the command line. There’s still a lot you can’t do without a real-live browser, though.

  4. Hi,
    Is it possible to load the dojo into the java application with the help of Rhino adn envjs?
    i’m in a need to render the dojo charts on server side. when trying to load the dojo into java via rhino, an Exception rises which is as follows,
    “org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: TypeError: Cannot read property “parentNode” from undefined ”
    Im struggling to find a way to load Dojo. Please help me

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