Cool Raspberry Pi Projects

Someone claimed that everyone who has a Raspberry Pi has done what I did with it: try it out then file it in a drawer marked “must play with later”. To try and debunk this claim, here are some cool projects I have seen.

Update: I made some videos on how to write your first ever game on your Raspberry Pi!

Raspberry Pi Accessories You Already Have!

This guy uses an old PSOne as a screen+audio, a phone battery for power, and a hard drive or mp3 player for storage.

Raspberry Pi Robot Test!

A robot carrying a RPi on its back, controllable via the Internet. It runs a node.js web server, and receives HTTP requests to control it.

Raspberry Pi – Quake 3 demo

A playable Quake 3.

RaspberryPi: XBMC Android Remote Control Demo

A video player, with a mobile phone as the remote control.

PIE1 -– Raspberry Pi Sends Live Images from Near Space

Story | Photos of launch | Photos from space

Balloon flying up to 40km taking photos using a USB webcam and saving them to an SD card.

VNC Viewer on Raspberry Pi

A VNC viewer allowing you to create a thin client/terminal in other rooms of your house.

Also see the Raspberry Pi Thin Client project, for a small distro containing VMWare, Remote Desktop, Citrix Receiver & a browser.

Raspberry Pi running the Fuse ZX Spectrum Emulator

A ZX Spectrum Emulator, taking the nostalgia to the max.

Make A Raspberry Pi Web Server

Make your own £25 web server.

Voice Controlled Robot using a Raspberry Pi

A voice-controlled robot arm.

Pi Plays Poppins

A Pi playing the Glockenspeil.

Pi Plays Poppins from Mike Cook on Vimeo.

Raspberry Tank – First Day Out

A tank, currently directly controlled by typing into ssh. They are working on an autonomous version.

Learn how to program

My own tutorial on how to write computer programs in Python on your Pi. You will make a very simple game.

Not-yet-implemented ideas

There are lots of people talking about ideas for projects. Here are some I’d like to see come off:

  • Voice-activated wall-mounted screen
  • Advanced alarm clock
  • Motion-activated lights and/or camera
  • Internet radio
  • Coffee machine
  • Phone system
  • Web browser on your TV
  • Autonomous boat

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