FreeGuide 0.10.11

I’ve made a new release of FreeGuide today, which contains minor bug fixes.

I changed the stability rating on sourceforge to “Production/Stable” (previously it was “Alpha”). Maybe I should bump the version number next time to 1.0. Certainly all this 0.10.x stuff is crazy.

I managed to get rid of quite a bit of unused and unworking code this release, so I’m feeling somewhat more positive about developing FreeGuide. My next plan is to spruce up the ant build so you can easily use it in Eclipse, and convert the whole lot to a single JAR, which may improve startup time.

The program seems to work for quite a few people, and I don’t change it much these days, so it might be time to call it 1.0. The only major feature I am planning (one day…) is to combine the Find dialog with the vertical view and possibly the favourites editor to make them different views onto the same underlying implementation. I’d like to make all of them show filter results as you type.

Other than that all I really want to do it fix user pain in terms of bugs and UI wrinkles.

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