FreeGuide updated to latest XMLTV, and bug fixes

Check out a release candidate here: .

So far I’ve only uploaded an RPM, but hopefully there’ll be a Windows exe and some other packages soon.

Update: Windows installer now uploaded too.

Test it! It’s got better capturing and reporting of download errors, more sensible “download in background” and “show output” behaviour, and its list of XMLTV grabbers is synched with the latest XMLTV (0.5.50).

However, apparently XMLTV 0.5.50 is causing problems in FreeGuide for at least some people, so it may not be a flawless experience…

I really must make a one-button build for Ubuntu .debs, like I have for RPMs. I have been using Ubuntu for some time now…

I’d forgotten to update the version page on the FreeGuide web site for 0.10.5, so users weren’t notified of that release. I’ll do it for 0.10.6, and hopefully get some stats together to find out how many people are using it. Now that the stats are working, we may be starting to get some better information.

Yes, I couldn’t sleep tonight.

No, I won’t be very clever tomorrow.

But hey, I was clever tonight – dipping into some of the spaghetti that makes FreeGuide tick these days and not only making a change that works, but also making things a tiny bit better – _that’s_ an achievement.

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