s11e07 What is a programming language? – The Good Robot Andys

AndyC asks AndyB “What is a programming language?” AndyB rambles on about some stuff, with heckling from AndyC, before they conclude that it’s really a community of people or something. That Alien: Romulus trailer is at youtube.com/watch?v=GTNMt84KT0k. The Good Robot

s11e06 Fleishman Is in Trouble – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Fleishman Is in Trouble. AndyB has unexpectedly seen this, meaning the two AndyC has a co-enthuser. Both Andys loved this empathy-expanding series that starts out looking like a typical male-point-of-view wish fulfilment exercise and ends up

s11e05 Dune: Part 2 – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Dune: Part 2. The Andys are together in person and are joined by Harry and Ben to discuss just how blown away they are by the second part of the Dune series, which they just watched