s03e17 “Meltdown & Spectre” – The Good Robot Andys

The Andys take a break from movie discussion to talk tech, about the Meltdown and Spectre exploits that allow malicious people to grab secret information from loads of different types of computer. Andy Balaam insists that the way it works

s03e16 “Colossal” – The Good Robot Andys

Andy and Andy discuss (with lots of spoilers) the film Colossal. Andy Balaam, who hasn’t seen it, decides it’s a Bill Murray vehicle with realistically-rendered giant robots, but Andy Cockerill, who has seen it, explains that it’s “one of the

s03e15 “Kathy Bacon on Blade Runner 2049” – The Good Robot Andys

Special guest Kathy Bacon discusses Blade Runner 2049 with Andy Balaam, including some discussion of its portrayal of women, as initially discussed by the Andys in the episode 13 bonus. Andy Cockerill is given a right to reply to the