s09e07 Midnight Mass – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Midnight Mass. Andy B thinks it’s a sequel to Calvary but Andy C explains it’s the Stephen King book Stephen King never wrote, about a supernatural evil done to parishioners by abuse of religious power. That

s09e06 The Walking Dead season 11 – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of The Walking Dead season 11. They still love it, but it does seem a little tired. Nice to see the tension between Maggie and Negan though. The Good Robot Andys podcasts and web site by Andy

s09e05 Dune – The Good Robot Andys

Non-spoilery discussion of Dune. For the first time in ages, Andy B and Andy C are in the same place, making their discussion more natural, and their sound quality lower. They have a wandering, non-spoilery discussion just a couple of