s03e06a “Alien Covenant” – The Good Robot Andys

Bonus discussion of Alien Covenant. Andy Cockerill has seen it, and recommends it to Andy Balaam, who raves a bit about Aliens. The Good Robot Andys podcasts and web site by Andy Balaam and Andy Cockerill are licensed under a

s03e06 “Train to Busan” – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (and lots of spoilers) about the film Train to Busan. Andy Balaam has seen it this week, but Andy Cockerill soldiers on and tells him about an incredibly fresh, gripping and heart-rending zombie fear-cry-fest from South Korea. The Good

s03e05 “WannaCry Ransomware Attack” – The Good Robot Andys

Andy Cockerill questions Andy Balaam about what happened to all those NHS computers and whether we should be scared. Andy Balaam answers that it was something called WannaCry and we should only be moderately worried, and we should all Update