In our debut episode, we talk about Gone Girl (including many spoilers!).

Andy Balaam (Clueless Andy) attempts to guess the plot from the title, and Andy Cockerill (Expert Andy) proceeds to put him straight, with an in-depth explanation of the plot, followed by lots of discussion on cast, direction, the lack of wobbly cameras, and what the point of the whole thing was.

Numerous diversions into other films, both related and unrelated to Gone Girl, will help distract you from what you wanted to hear about.

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s01e01 “Gone Girl” – The Good Robot Andys

3 thoughts on “s01e01 “Gone Girl” – The Good Robot Andys

  • 25th June 2015 at 3:34 pm

    Good first show! Andy B your plot synopsis for Gone Girl would make a great film. Fincher is a great director, personally for me my favourite film from him is probably ‘The Game’. I did like Gone Girl as well, it is so not what I was expecting. Andy C you are right about the look of the film, I think Fincher achieved the same thing with ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ – which I also liked.

    I believe there is a whole different version to Alien3 which I would love to see, and Fincher is managing to keep it under wraps. If you remember back to one of the earlier trailers you see footage with a person with a rifle on a raised platform, that scene has not made it into any of the releases. I think the original script did have weapons at the prision but there were in limited numbers and little ammo – since they didn’t need them. They re-cut and re-filmed whole parts of Alien3 to get rid of the weapons. Another thing to keep in mind about Fincher and Alien3 is that he was only 19 when he was working on that film! He was the third director to get involved with the project and the only one that managed to come out of it, much to his credit it could have easily killed his career.

    With Gone Girl don’t think the so called twists were not that big. Most people knew she was still alive thanks to the hype and the trailer sort of does hint at it. However it is great to watch and still see how things turn out.

    • 26th June 2015 at 1:11 pm

      That’s very true about Alien3. The one version that I would really like to have seen was Vincent Ward’s – set on a wooden planetoid with interstellar monks who worship Ripley as a saint. It would have featured a new type of Alien, a drone that can camouflage. The religious element made it into Fincher’s film.

      Thanks for your comments, and glad you enjoyed the podcast.

  • 26th June 2015 at 1:24 pm

    Yeah I really like The Game too.


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