We hope/plan to live stream from this page on 2019-01-28 20:00 UTC (or a bit later).

Live radio player (will only work when the stream is live):

Note: there is about 50 seconds delay on the stream, so please be patient if you are hoping your comments will get responses.

There are more ways to stream at: cast3.servcast.net:2199/start/goodrobotandys/

Chat live with the Good Robot Andys. Choose a nickname, tick the Not a Robot box, and click Connect. Wait a second and you will see the #goodrobotandys chat room!

(This chat is kindly hosted on freenode.net).

If you’d like to chat in more convenient ways (including on your phone), try one of these IRC clients. Connect to freenode.net, and choose the channel #goodrobotandys.