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The old FreeGuide TODO list

This used to be our way of tracking bugs and features in FreeGuide. Now we use our bug tracker:

To see what we used to plan to do in the future, check out the Future TODO list. To see what we did in the past, see Past TODO list.

- means not done yet
+ means done by Andy Balaam
j  means done by José Alburquerque
rh means done by Rick Hendershot
mm means done by Michael McLagan
ra means done by Régis Archambault
 +  Credit the Zurich students as contributors.
 +  Build a .deb by just typing "ant dist-deb"
 -  Update docs to include the latest required copyrights/licenses per [ this thread]
 +  Change the --configure step so that it uses a dialog box to run xmltv.  []
 -  The HTML file created from "Print this personalised listing" should not create self-referencing links for program titles (should be easy fix)
 -  Compile and/or run FreeGuide using gjc and/or IcedTea
 -  Prevent crashes when downloading large numbers of programmes []
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