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Translating FreeGuide

Files to translate

You can help translating FreeGuide by downloading a source package and providing translated versions of all the files called "" that you find inside the "src/resources/i18n" folder, but the best way is to Build the latest source. Then you can test your work more easily, and keep it up-to-date with the latest changes to FreeGuide.

There are quite a lot of files in the src/resources/i18n folder, but the most important (and largest) file is

To translate a file, copy the file ending with, and rename it for your language and region (e.g. "" or ""). Ask on the developers' mailing list if you don't know what your language and region codes should be. Now, modify the copied file so that everything on the right-hand side of the "=" sign is in your language (leave everything on the left of the "=" exactly as it is).

It looks like a lot of files, but most of these only have a few entries in them.

Now create an issue containing your translated files: - thank you!

It would also be great to get the documentation translated - email the developers to find out exactly what needs translating and how to do it.

In general, we really welcome translations of FreeGuide, so if you need help, please do ask and we'll do our best to help you.

Testing your translation

To test your translation, follow the instructions on how to Build the latest source. (The short answer is: run "ant compile".)

Put your translated files into the src/resources/i18n folder with the others.

Now run FreeGuide from within the src directory like this:

cd bin
java -Duser.language=zh freeguide.startup.Startup

replacing "zh" with your language code, and "TW" with your region code.

If you are not using a region code, the correct command is just:

cd bin
java -Duser.language=zh freeguide.startup.Startup

Alternatively, if you want to test the translation inside the JAR files once they have been created (i.e. after running "ant jar") then the command would look something like this:

cd jar
java -Duser.language=zh -jar FreeGuide.jar

Do ask the developers (see ContactUs) if you run into any problems or have questions.

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