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FreeGuide is led by Andy Balaam. A number of people have contributed code, documentation, art, ideas and translations (alphabetical order):

  • José Alburquerque
  • Chris Armstrong
  • Régis Archambault
  • Andy Balaam
  • William Ballard
  • Graham Benton
  • Joe Blow
  • Rick Brown
  • Alex Buloichik
  • Белый Владимир
  • Dave Chand
  • Brendan Corrigan
  • Yann 'PoV' Coupin
  • Mike Dean
  • Walter Duncan
  • Duong Phuong Quynh
  • Robert Eden
  • Mahmoud Elborawi
  • Jas Gawera
  • Marco Guadagnini
  • Ewan Harrow
  • Rick Hendershot
  • kariya1975
  • Risto Kankkunen
  • Chris Leyland
  • Carlos Lorenz
  • Jane Marshall
  • Michael McLagan
  • Roger Morris
  • Jim Pera
  • Slava Pestov
  • Sam Pye
  • Andrew Sasak
  • Sagar Shah
  • Jeff Shute
  • Rob Stewart
  • Dave Torok
  • Alban Tsui
  • Richard Turnbull
  • Christian Weiske

FreeGuide wouldn't be where it is without the code from other projects, namely:

Last but not least:

Hosted by

Extra thanks to what Sourceforge used to be, for hosting our code and forums for over 20 years.

Contributions to FreeGuide are welcomed in the areas of testing, documentation, art, code and translation. It's only with your help that we can make it better. ContactUs to help out.

The easiest way to help out with FreeGuide is while you're trying to get it working: ContactUs with any problems and not only will we be able to fix them, but also we can add to the documentation any questions you needed to ask.

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