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FreeGuide Source Layout

Under the trunk folder in git, the directories are like this:

  • src - everything that will go inside a JAR file is in here, and nothing else. This includes all the .java files, .properties files for translations and other uses, and some images.
  • build.xml - the build file used with Ant.
  • contrib - files used by other packagers (e.g. Debian packager)
  • doc - documentation
  • images - source images for the FreeGuide logo etc. in SVG format.
  • install - files for creating installers on different platforms - .spec files, NSIS files, images
  • stats - scripts for generating usage statistics - only useful to Andy Balaam.
  • scripts - useful scripts used by the developers
  • tools - really should be in scripts
  • xmltv - the latest version of the XMLTV EXE for Windows

Temporary directories:

  • bin - the .class files created when the .java files are compiled.
  • doc-bin - the documentation once it has been prepared for packaging up.
  • install-bin - the installation files prepared for use.
  • build - all stuff that is created in the process of buulding FreeGuide.
  • dist - where the final distribution files (EXEs, RPMs, etc) are placed when built.
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