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Roles in FreeGuide

This page summarises who is doing what on the FreeGuide project, and where help is needed. Our roles do change over time, so please do update this page if you start doing new or different things, or if you have recently become involved with FreeGuide.

Coding - writing actual Java code (and Perl for XMLTV). Check out how to Build the latest source.Andy Balaam
Support - answering questions on the users' and developers' mailing list. Just subscribe to the list and start helping out. Lots of people ask similar questions, so you don't need to be an expert.Newbie questions: HELP NEEDED, technical questions: HELP NEEDED (Andy Balaam and others).
Packaging - wrapping up FreeGuide for different operating systems and distributions.Christian Weiske (Gentoo), Dave Chand (+ Chris Hand?) (Mac OS X), Dan Watkins (Debian/Ubuntu), Andy Balaam (Windows, Fedora, unofficial Debian/Ubuntu), Stephen Hurd (FreeBSD)
Testing - Run the nightly build or Build the latest source (or just test the latest releases) and provide good bug reports. Also useful: nagging the developers about bugs that aren't fixed yet.Richard Turnbull, lots of others (add your name here!)
Creating releases - Deciding when the code is ready for a release. Using the sourceforge release system to create a release, and co-ordinating uploading the released files from the packagers. Creating an announcement on NEEDED (Andy Balaam)
Managing bugs - Going through the support emails and making sure all issues are logged in the bug tracker to be fixed - either immediately in the next release, or further down the line.Andy Balaam
Documentation & FAQ - Creating new documentation (filling in gaps, adding new material) and correcting bugs in documentation. Noticing any frequently-asked questions on the mailing lists and added the answers to the FAQ.Christian Weiske, Andy Balaam, HELP NEEDED (e.g. filling in installation instructions for different OSes, incorporating feedback from mailing lists)
Translation - Translating FreeGuide's UI and documentation into different languages.Yann 'PoV' Coupin (fr), Christian Weiske (de), Alex Buloichik (be), Andy Balaam (en_US), Alban Tsui (zh), HELP NEEDED
Build system - Evaluating and improving the build system to make it easier to build FreeGuide on all platforms, and taking away some of the barriers to new developers.HELP NEEDED (Christian?)

ContactUs on the developers' mailing list if you'd like to take on a role.

If I forgot to add you to this list, I'm really sorry. Add yourself, and add your role if I forgot that too!

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