Execution Error

I got an "Execution Error" message. What is wrong?

Note: if you very quickly get an "Execution Error" message, check that you're connected to the Internet and try again. If you have to wait quite a while and then get the "Execution Error" message, everything may still be alright - click Continue to see.

These pages may be relevant:

If you get a message about "Username not specified" or "Config file not found" or "re-run --configure", try going to the Tools menu and clicking Choose channels for XMLTV, and following the instructions to choose your channels again.

Note: if you are in North America, don't forget that you MUST enter your username and and password, even though it says this is not recommended.

If you keep getting the "Execution Error" message and you don't see any listings when you click Continue then click Show Details and copy the error messages shown into an email and send it to us via the ContactUs page with an explanation of what you were doing, what operating system you are on and what versions of Java and FreeGuide you are using.

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