Permission Denied

I see "Permission denied" when I run the grabber

On Windows Vista and above, FreeGuide's default behaviour of running XMLTV inside C:\Program Files won't work. (It was always a bad idea, wasn't it?)

It gives you an error like:

 cannot mkdir ./.xmltv: Permission denied at /<C:\Program Files
 (x86)\FreeGuide\xmltv\xmltv.exe>XMLTV/Config_file.pm line 24, <DATA> line  

 Error executing grabber: Content is not allowed in prolog.

 Result code = 1

Until we fix this properly (volunteers please!) you can work around the problem like this:

Download XMLTV from http://files.xmltv.org . Unzip and copy the files to:


In Windows Explorer, look inside this folder and find the file xmltv.exe. Hold down the SHIFT key, right-click the file and click "Copy as Path".

To check, paste into notepad or wordpad, it should look like this:


Start FreeGuide but cancel the First Time Wizard that pops up, and say "No" when asked to download listings.

Open the "Tools" menu, then click "Options" and expand "Advanced".

There are two lines you need to edit. For both, at the start (Left) highlight "%xmltv_path%/xmltv.exe" and press CTRL-v to replace the highlighted text.

Close Options and click on "Download Listings".

Click "Show Output" and you should see something like the following.

 Running command: "C:\Users\Public\Documents\xmltv\xmltv.exe" tv_grab_na_dd --config-file "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Freeguide\xmltv-configs\na_dd.conf"
 Timezone is -0700
 adding '--share=C:/Users/Public/Documents/xmltv/share/xmltv'
 Fetching from Schedules Direct     Fetched 5842 k/bytes in 9 seconds
 loading data
 NOTE: Your subscription will expire: 2015-06-19T22:26:11Z
 Writing schedule

 Bad DD data: No program tag for EP005178512223

 Bad DD data: No program tag for EP005178512223

 Bad DD data: No program tag for SH017439920000

 Bad DD data: No program tag for SH003857590000

 Downloaded 10975 programs in 44 seconds
 Result code = 0

This means it has worked!

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