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MyAddressBook User Guide - Using as a standalone LDAP editor

To use MyAddressBook as a standalone LDAP editor, with no need to install it or a web server anywhere, begin by installing the prerequisites:

 sudo apt-get install python-ldap python-webpy

(Or do the equivalent for your Linux distribution.)

Now download MyAddressBook and untar it somewhere:

 tar -xjf myaddressbook-*.tar.bz2
 cd myaddressbook-*/

Now you need to create a config file pointing to your LDAP server:

 cp myaddressbook.cfg.sample myaddressbook.cfg
 gedit myaddressbook.cfg

Remove the "#" symbols at the beginning of each line (or leave them to accept the defaults) and provide the details of your LDAP server. Save the file and quit the editor.

Now, to run it immediately, type:


A URL will be printed out to the console. Open that URL in your web browser and you should see MyAddressBook running.

All by the magic of web.py and CherryPy!

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