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MyAddressBook User Guide - Connecting to an existing LDAP Server

MyAddressBook's main focus is on providing a self-contained address book setup, but it can also be used to connect to an existing LDAP server.

Note: MyAddressBook does not allow editing all LDAP attributes. It only supports cn, displayName, email, telephoneNumber, postalAddress and postcalCode (from the inetOrgPerson object class). General LDAP attribute editing may be added in the future.

If your LDAP server already exists, the only prerequisites for MyAddressBook are a web server and some Python libraries:

 sudo apt-get install apache2 python-ldap python-webpy

(Commands shown are for Ubuntu - something similar will be required for different Linux distributions.)

Once these are installed, you can follow the instructions on the "Installing and setting up" page, skipping the first few sections and starting at Install MyAddressBook.

You will need to create a config file in /etc/myaddressbook.cfg, and specify the ldap host, protocol, base dn, and a username and password that has permissions to read and modify entries. There is an example config file in the tarball called myaddressbook.cfg.sample.

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