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FreeGuide's features

Highlighting programmes and choosing favourites

You can make programmes highlight themselves by adding them to your favourites list (under the Tools menu click Favourites).

Any programme matching a favourite will be ticked automatically. You can always un-tick programmes if you wish.

You can also make a programme a favourite by right-clicking it and choosing Add to Favourites.

Change fonts, colours etc.

Check out the Options item on the Tools menu to customise FreeGuide and alter lots of options.

Search for programmes

To search for programmes, click Search on the Tools menu, or press Ctrl-F.

Channel ordering

To change the order of the channels or to see smaller groups of channels instead of everything at once, click the drop-down in the top right which says All Channels and choose Edit channel sets....

When you have created a channel set, its name will appear in this list. Choose it and the set of channels you can see will change to your selection.

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