Upgrade XMLTV

How do I use a later version of XMLTV with FreeGuide?


On Linux you should use the normal package installation system to upgrade XMLTV. Everything should just work in FreeGuide when you have the new XMLTV version.

If the version you need is not available as a package, you can install from source. Please note that this is not easy, since XMLTV has lots of Perl dependencies. If you manage to get it to install, just make sure the correct version is in your PATH, and FreeGuide should use it automatically.


On Windows you will need to check the XMLTV download page to see whether there's a new version.

Follow these instructions if there is:

  • Download and unzip xmltv-x.x.x-win32.zip
  • Copy the file xmltv.exe over your file "C:\Program Files\FreeGuide\xmltv\xmltv.exe"

Now try running FreeGuide and downloading listings, and see whether it works.

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