More Than One Weeks Listings

How can I make FreeGuide download more than 1 weeks' XMLTV listings at a time?

Go to the Tools menu and choose Options. Open the Advanced node and open the Grabbers node, and choose XMLTV. In the lower text box is the command used to run the XMLTV grabber. It starts something like this:

"%xmltv_path%/xmltv.exe" tv_grab_uk_rt

(The uk_rt bit will be different if you are not in the UK.) After this bit are the other bits of the command, e.g. "--quiet", "--config-file" etc. If you add the string " --days 14 " after the main command (shown above) and before the other options (e.g. "--quiet") this will tell XMLTV to download 14 days instead of the default of 7.

If something gets messed up and listings won't download, click the button labelled Default to get the old command back.

Note that some of the listings sources do not provide listings for such a long time into the future, and some of the XMLTV grabbers for some countries do not listen to the --days option, so this change may not make any difference for some people.

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