Different Grabber

How do I use a different XMLTV grabber?

To use a grabber that is listed on the XMLTV page that isn't listed on the First Time Wizard:

In the menu choose Tools, then Options.

Expand the Advanced item and click XMLTV.

Click Add a new XMLTV Grabber.

A new item will appear, with "Configure" and "Delete" buttons, a drop-down and Default button, and 2 boxes containing command lines.

Make sure there is only one group of this stuff (i.e. only one pair of "Configure" and "Delete" buttons) by clicking Delete on any extra ones.

In the drop-down, choose any grabber. For example, choose eu_epgdata. The 2 boxes should now be pre-populated with the commands to run to configure and run the grabber.

Edit the first word in each box, so that instead of the grabber you chose it now says the new grabber you want to use.

For example, to use the tv_grab_eu_egon grabber, edit the 2 boxes to contain:

tv_grab_eu_egon --quiet --config-file "%config_file%"


tv_grab_eu_egon --configure --gui tk --config-file "%config_file%"

Now, click "Configure" to set up your grabber, and if this works, click OK, and then Download listings to get new listings.

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