Diagnosing Problems

Something is going wrong - how can I help to diagnose the problem?

If FreeGuide is not working or acting strangely, you should contact the developers (see ContactUs).

When you do contact the mailing lists, it would be useful to know various pieces of information. You should find out:

  • Your operating system (e.g Windows XP)
  • The version of Java you are using (e.g. jre 1.4.2)
  • The version of FreeGuide (e.g. FreeGuide 0.10.7)

Linux users should also check their XMLTV version.

If you are having problems downloading, the first useful piece of information is the contents of the Show details window in the download window. Copy and paste the information from there into your email.

If you are having more complex problems, the developers may ask you to try running FreeGuide from within a DOS or Cmd Window. Here is how to do that in Windows:

From the Start menu choose Programs, Accessories and click Cmd Window or DOS Window.

Now type the following 2 lines:

cd "C:\Program Files\FreeGuide" <PRESS RETURN>

run.cmd > log.txt <PRESS RETURN>

Now copy and paste the contents of C:\Program Files\FreeGuide\log.txt into an email, remembering to CC the mailing list you first sent your message to.

A further thing to try would be RunningXMLTVManually.

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