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Installing FreeGuide from tarballs

Get Java

You will need to install OpenJDK/IcedTea, or Sun's version of Java.


First, you will need to install XMLTV. Either use your operating system's package management system, or, if you have to, InstallXMLTVFromSource.

Get FreeGuide

Get it from the download page.

Proper install

To install FreeGuide in its normal place, download freeguide-x.y.z-install-bin.tar.gz, and unzip this tarball in / as root.

You can now run FreeGuide by typing:


Local install

To install FreeGuide in a local directory, download and unzip freeguide-x.y.z-bin.tar.gz.

You can now run FreeGuide by typing:


in the directory into which you unzipped the file.

Note: you must run from inside the directory where you extracted the tarball. If you want to be able to run from elsewhere (e.g. because you want to create a menu icon for FreeGuide) you can edit the "freeguide" script to add a "cd" command at the beginning.

Run FreeGuide

You'll now need to answer a few questions, and then you're ready to go.

If you use a proxy server (if you don't know, you probably don't), you'll need to read this page: ConfigureProxyOnLinux.

NOTE: if you use a different operating system or Linux distribution and would like to contribute either more detailed installation instructions or a specific installer, we'd welcome your contribution! Please ContactUs.

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