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Installing FreeGuide on Gentoo

Get Java

You will need OpenJDK/IcedTea, or Sun's version of Java.


First, you will need to install XMLTV. Either use emerge if the xmltv package is available, or, if you have to, InstallXMLTVFromSource.

Get FreeGuide

FreeGuide isn't officially supported by Gentoo, but there are ebuilds which can be installed manually.

First, go to the download page and download the freeguide_gentoo_ebuilds_x.y.z.tar.bz2 file.

Second: Follow the instructions on Gentoo Wiki: Installing 3rdParty ebuilds.

After you have set up your local portage overlay dir, extract the freeguide ebuild file into the directory and do a

ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge install freeguide

There are several freeguide packages in portage, but "freeguide" alone installs the most necessary ones. If you need another grabber or other plugins, type

emerge search freeguide

and choose the right ones for you.

You can now run FreeGuide by choosing it from the menu or alternatively by typing into a terminal:


You'll now need to answer a few questions, and then you're ready to go.

If you use a proxy server (if you don't know, you probably don't), you'll need to read this page: ConfigureProxyOnLinux.

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