Rabbit Escape on Windows

Download it

Download Rabbit Escape for Windows

Download the .jar file using the button above and save it somewhere. (You may need to right-click the button and choose "Save Link As..." or similar.)

Run it

If you already have Java, you can just double-click on the file you downloaded and it will run.

If the Rabbit Escape window doesn't appear, you may need to install Java: read the next section.

Get Java

It's quite likely you already have java installed. If not, to be able to play Rabbit Escape you need to install Java version 6 or above.

You can download Java from: java.com.

If you can't get Rabbit Escape to work, please contact me on rabbitescape@artificialworlds.net and I'll try to help.

If you can provide instructions for a different Linux distribution, or you can help improve these instructions, please let me know.