Rabbit Escape on Mac

Download it

Download Rabbit Escape for Mac

Download the .jar file using the button above and save it in your Downloads folder.

Run it

If you already have Java, you can just double-click on the file you downloaded and it will run.

If that doesn't work, open a Terminal and type:

cd Downloads

and then:

java -jar rabbit-escape-*.jar

(Make sure you type it exactly right, including capitals.)

If the Rabbit Escape window doesn't appear, you may need to install Java: read the next section.

Get Java

It's quite likely you already have java installed. If not, to be able to play Rabbit Escape you need to install Java version 6 or above.

You can download Java from: java.com.

More info: Java on Mac FAQ.

If you can't get Rabbit Escape to work, please contact me on rabbitescape@artificialworlds.net and I'll try to help.

If you can provide instructions for a different Linux distribution, or you can help improve these instructions, please let me know.