A Heap Of Stuff – a.k.

A little over a year ago we added a bunch of basic computer science algorithms to the ak library, taking inspiration from the C++ standard library. Now, JavaScript isn't just short of algorithms in its standard library, it's also lacking all but a few data structures. In fact, from the programmer's perspective, it only has hash maps which use a function to map strings to non-negative integers that are then used as indices into an array of sets of key-value pairs. Technically speaking, even arrays are hash maps of the string representation of their indices, although in practice the interpreter will use more efficient data structures whenever it can.
As clever as its implementation might be, it's unlikely that it will always figure out exactly what we're trying to do and pick the most appropriate data structure and so it will occasionally be worth explicitly implementing a data structure so that we can be certain of its performance.
The first such data structure that we're going to need is a min-heap which will allow us to efficiently add elements in any order and remove them in ascending order, according to some comparison function.

We’re All Sorted From A To Z – a.k.

Something that I miss when programming in JavaScript is the wide variety of array manipulation functions available in my primary language, C++. We have, in fact, already implemented one of them with ak.shuffle which randomly rearranges the elements of an array. We shall be needing another one of them in the not too distant future and so I have decided to take a short break from numerical computing to add those of them that I use the most frequently to the ak library, starting with a selection of sorting operations.