Joined by our very special guest Hannah Dunleavy off that Standard Issue podcast, we discuss, with many spoilers, season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale. We cover all the important topics such as:

  • Can you actually have too much of looking deeply into Elisabeth Moss’s face while she bears suffering?
  • What on earth are the programme-makers trying to say, and is it a good thing to be saying?
  • Could it be something about anger being OK? But surely if so, they would … etc.
  • Do you identify more with Janine or Commander Lawrence?

Don’t worry – conclusions are drawn.

A massive thank you to Hannah Dunleavy – it was a huge pleasure to record with you once, and the fact that technical difficulties meant we had to record again made us doubly grateful. Check out Hannah’s podcasts:

  • Standard Issue – By women. For women. About everything.
  • The Drink – Journalist Hannah Dunleavy wants to talk about alcohol – what we drink, when we drink and why we drink it.
  • What Are You Making Me Watch? – Long-time friends and even longer-time telly reviewers, Paul Kirkley and Hannah Dunleavy, finally force each other to watch the stuff the other has been studiously avoiding.

The art that Andy C mentioned by Danni Cockerill is at

More on Andy B’s new job working on Matrix later.

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s09e04 The Handmaid’s Tale season 4 – The Good Robot Andys

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