Can’t decide what to think about Google. I was very suspicious about gmail, and this whole portal business is very boring, and _so_ corporate, but you really can’t argue with sponsoring open source contributions, can you? If doing this kind of thing starts being seen as the way to impress the developer community (and therefore recruit the geekiest geeks) then everyone wins, and world domination is one step closer.

Beginning blog

I’ve decided to start writing a blog, not least to convince people that although my work on open source projects (especially FreeGuide) has slowed down, it has not slipped out of my mind. Quite the opposite: I’m finding my lack of time very frustrating, especially when the train journey in to work every day gives me time to think of lots of excellent ideas, none of which I am going to be able to put into practice. I’ll log them here, and maybe someone else will do them. If not, I’ll do them when I retire.

I’m hoping to keep this blog as technical as possible, with only occasional daliances into personal matters, since it does my head in to be reading something like Planet Gnome and have to read about people’s cats being sick etc.