London terrorist attacks

As a largely unmilitarised country, Britain (like many other Western countries) is a soft target for terrorists. But that very softness makes attacking us in this way pointless: it’s like punching a sponge. We won’t change – we like our country how it is.

It’s possible that by drawing attention to themselves, the people who did this may have changed some aspect of the world, but as for advancing their cause – how can they when the only discernable motive they have is hatred? Does murder really win them support at home? I doubt it.

We in Britain have done and continue to do some terrible things. I wish we would stop, but today isn’t going to make any difference either way.

If you or anyone you know was hurt today, I’m sorry.

The dangers of learning to code

I was speaking to someone over the weekend who works in HR and has been enjoying making various Microsoft Access databases to do useful things for work. I warned her she might get the programming bug and then never be able to stop. Then I realised she already had it when she summed it up beautifully:

“You can make it do things.”

I love coding.

Honestly my last post about my viva

…for a while.

Woke up at 4.30am today having awful dreams about how none of the code worked. My dreams transposed the problems I am trying to solve at work onto the code I need to write for my corrections. I couldn’t stand it any longer so I got up and started work on it, and I’ve launched an experiment now which should hopefully provide all I need in terms of experimental work. So, it’s not as bad as my dreams…

The idea of getting back into the writing part also terrifies me. I guess another few weeks of getting up in the small hours might get it done, but I’m likely to lose all my friends. Obsessing about this is already making me totally inward-focussed. I am trying to make an effort to think about what other people might be feeling, to try and keep my self-pity in check.