Scheme 5: Quotation video

Series: Feel the cool, Basics, Closures, Recursion, Quotation, Lambda, Macros.

Continuing the series on Scheme, this video explains on of the most powerful and unfamiliar features of Scheme: quotation. Quoting allows us to talk about and manipulate code in code, as easily as we deal with strings or numbers.

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Scheme: feel the cool

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In this series on Scheme: Intro, Basics, Closures.

Here’s a presentation I did recently, introducing the Scheme programming language (a dialect of Lisp).

Scheme: feel the cool

Metaprogramming is very powerful, but is usually so hard that we shy away from it. In Scheme, most metaprogramming is just “normal” programming – you can do it in the same language, and in a macro language that is very similar the normal language.