Scheme 7: Macros video

Series: Feel the cool, Basics, Closures, Recursion, Quotation, Lambda, Macros.

Continuing the series on Scheme, this video explains the ultimate alternative – when nothing else is flexible enough, we can create our own bits of lanugage using macros.

Slides for Scheme 7: Macros

JavaScript WTFs Videos

I recorded some videos of my JavaScript WTFs presentations:

You can get the JavaScript WTFs slides.

Update: all six episodes:

Find them all on PeerTube:

JavaScript WTFs

I recently did a presentation at work on “surprising” things you may encounter in JavaScript. I present it here for your delectation:

JavaScript WTFs

Sorting arrays was the one that wasted me the most time. Arrays in JavaScript are a neat hack on top of objects. Given that, presumably, all modern implementations have a separate type for an array as opposed to an object, you would hope that at some point they would grow up into something really different in the language.