Rabbit Escape t-shirts

If you’d like to help promote Rabbit Escape, my free software Android/PC game, how about a t-shirt?

Use the link below to design your shirt:

Rabbit Escape t-shirt
Rabbit Escape t-shirt

Note: there’s no profit in this for us – it’s just for promotion. If you’d like to contribute financially, please donate on Patreon or buy a copy on the Play Store. Thank you!

Rabbit Escape 0.12 out now, with water

The newest feature of Rabbit Escape, water, has been brewing a long time, but we now think it’s ready:

Water can flow, it can put out fires, and it can drown rabbits.

Rabbots seem to be immune though…

Check out the 20 new levels we have released! (This makes a total of 180 levels.)

It works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android.

Godot: make new objects at runtime (instancing) video

Series: 2D Shapes, drag and drop, new objects

My Godot 3 game is progressing, and I am starting to think I am actually writing the level editor. Here’s how I wrote code to make new versions of existing objects (by converting them to scenes):

Godot version: v3.0.6.stable.official.8314054

Godot: Dragging and dropping physics objects video

Series: 2D Shapes, drag and drop, new objects

Continuing to explore the Godot 3 game engine. I want to make a game where you drag blocks around and balance them on each other, but I couldn’t find much documentation on how to drag-and-drop objects (except menu UI elements), and especially I found quite a few wrinkles when doing this with objects that are normally controlled by the physics engine.

This time we actually write some code in Godot’s programming language, GDScript.

Godot version: v3.0.6.stable.official.8314054