FreeGuide fan mail

Really encouraged to receive this:

Hello Mr Balaam,

A quick email to thank you for giving the world the brilliant Freeguide.
(I saw in your blog that you have a high volume of email - no reply needed).

I tried Digiguide for a while, loved the principle, found the interface too cluttered. Went back to downloading pages from here and there, and dipping into the Radio Times timeline, which is not quite customisable enough.

I happen to live in a place where I get an unusual mix of channels - UK free satellite + UK terrestrial +Irish terrestrial. I'd never found a single listings service which covers the options.

Then, by chance, I found Freeguide, and I love it. I couldn't ask for more (except, perhaps, for customisable colours for program categories :-) ) Incidentally, one of your blog entries wondered how many painless installs there currently were. Here's one more to be counted (WIn2K, Sun Java v5Update6)

I don't know much about software, but I'm sure this must have taken a vast amount of your time. Thank you for every moment of it. This program will be useful every day, and I'll be passing it on at every chance I get.

Best wishes
Nick Nixon

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