Forgot to mention: I got my first non-anonymous donation to the FreeGuide project – Steve Fuller sent in a donation along with a request (but with no implication of linkage ;). Thanks Steve! It never ceases to amaze me how Americans will donate to projects like this. My feeling about British people (certainly myself) is that I would always think if I were going to donate to something I’d make it something “important” like Christian Aid, but actually I do think Free Software is important too (actually in order to achieve some of the same goals that Christian Aid have…). The idea of mixing philanthropy with self-interest, which seems to be natural to Americans, can feel a little dirty to us Europeans, but actually that is stupid.

Anyway, enough philosophy: Steve, your donation will be used to buy myself something nice (e.g. a GameCube game or some online poker money) and it has significantly encouraged me to get stuck back into FreeGuide development (see the previous post … guilt is rising). You never know, it might even subconsciously encourage me to get to your specific feature request sooner ;).

(The feature request was allowing favourites to match on programme descriptions and other, more specialised fields. I am wondering about how to keep the UI simple for this, but it should be do-able given some time to implement it.)

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