FreeGuide’s TODO list

Take a look at the latest TODO list. There are several categories of things on it:

  1. Already done e.g. “Add firefox to the possible browsers.”
  2. Completeness features e.g. “Use Java’s printing capabilities to print”
  3. Feature creep e.g. “Automatically make a channel set when you right-click a channel and choose
    “Move up” (or even drag!)”
  4. Difficult-to-trace bugs e.g. “Make it not say no listings after midnight”
  5. Difficult features e.g. “Minimize to system tray”
  6. Subtle UI improvements e.g. “Remember where you were in the Options screen”
  7. Major features we are in the middle of e.g. “Run an exe when a programme is about to start and/or end” (this is actually recording)

I should go through and make sure everything is relevant, but also I need to prioritise what to do before 1.0 if we are ever going to get there. 7s are being done by Alex and others, 2s really need doing if we are going to call it finished, 4s should get cleared up during the beta stage (hopefully), most 5s are likely to get dropped, and 3s and 6s are good potentials for a public vote – then the most wanted ones will get done and the others will have to be post-1.0.

I may go through the list and actually classify them this way, and then we can see what we’re doing.

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