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Project Ideas

Below are some random things I'd like to do when I get time. Feel free to contact me (andybalaam BZZT artificialworlds.net) if you'd like to help with implementing them or fleshing out the ideas.

Gnome TV Guide

A conversion of my FreeGuide project to Python and GTK+/Gnome.

The implementation would be in the form of a back end library and several front ends.

Back end library

This would provide functions to:

Downloader front end

This would be designed to be called nightly by cron, and would download new listings (presumably using the XMLTV grabbers - commands provided by the back end), and tell the back end to process and store them in the storage area. Stored data would be compared with the list of favourites and any default settings of in_guide, remind or record status would be set for each programme. Any programmes which are on today and which have reminders would be set up in cron or some other timer system to pop up at the right time. Similarly, any programmes which need recording would be set in cron for the process to start at the right time. Reminder front end This would pop up a reminder of a programme. It would probably not need to access the back end as the programme name etc. could be supplied as command line arguments.

Main front end

This would show the actual guide to what is on TV - it would have at least these tabs visible on the main screen:

The program would obviously remember all sorts of things about the visual appearance of the screen etc. including what tab you were on when you exited.

It would also have dialog boxes for editing favourites, channel sets, and options similar to FreeGuide.

All the GUI code would be completely isolated from the program logic, so that different GUIs could be plugged in (e.g. a Windows GUI?). An exception to this might be that each View (in MVC terms) might be both GUI code and logic for that view. Might be good to separate even that.

Gnome Photo Conversion Wizard

A front end to the excellent Unix convert command in the form of a very easy to understand wizard with the following screens:

Gnome Task Scheduler

A front end to crontab - able to load and save the user's or the system crontab file. Quite simple.

Has this been done by someone else?

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