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Interactive GCC

Interactive GCC (igcc) is a real-eval-print loop (REPL) for C/C++ programmers.

It can be used like this:

 $ ./igcc 
 g++> int a = 5;
 g++> a += 2;
 g++> cout << a << endl;
 g++> --a;
 g++> cout << a << endl;

It is possible to include header files you need like this:

 $ ./igcc 
 g++> #include <vector>
 g++> vector<int> myvec;
 g++> myvec.push_back( 17 );
 g++> printf( "%d\n", myvec.size() );
 g++> myvec.push_back( 21 );
 g++> printf( "%d\n", myvec.size() );

Compile errors can be tolerated until the code works:

 $ ./igcc
 g++> #include <map>
 g++> map<string,int> hits;
 g++> hits["foo"] = 12;
 g++> hits["bar"] = 15;
 g++> for( map<string,int>::iterator it = hits.begin(); it != hits.end(); ++it )
 [Compile error - type .e to see it.]
 g++> {
 [Compile error - type .e to see it.]
 g++> 	cout << it->first << " " << it->second << endl;
 [Compile error - type .e to see it.]
 g++> }
 bar 15
 foo 12

Extra include directories can be supplied:

 $ ./igcc -Itest/cpp -Itest/cpp2
 g++> #include "hello.h"
 g++> hello();
 g++> #include "world.h"
 g++> world();

Libs can be linked:

 $ ./igcc -lm
 g++> #include "math.h"
 g++> cout << pow( 3, 3 ) << endl; // Actually a bad example since libm.a is already linked in C++

Your own libs can be linked too:

 $ ./igcc -Itest/cpp -Ltest/cpp -lmylib
 g++> #include "mylib.h"
 g++> defined_in_cpp();
 defined_in_cpp saying hello.

The cstdio, iostream and string headers are automatically included, and the std namespace is automatically in scope.

Downloading and using

Download the IGCC tarball from the download area.

Untar it like so:

 tar -xjf igcc-0.1.tar.bz2

And then start the program like this:

 cd igcc-0.1

Then type the C++ code you want to execute. It will be compiled with GCC and the results (if any) will be displayed.

Type .h to see some (minimal) help.


IGCC is a small python wrapper around GCC.

Check out the code from git like this:

 git clone https://codeberg.org/andybalaam/igcc.git



IGCC is Copyright (C) 2009 Andy Balaam

IGCC is Free Software released under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 or later.

IGCC comes with NO WARRANTY.

See the file COPYING.txt for more information.

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