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The next competition is 11th September 2008

It will run on troncode-0.0.6.

Get your entries in by email to axis3x3 at users dot sourceforge dot net before that day.

They will all be played against each other using Troncode's --tournament flag and the winner will be announced. Then all the players will be added to the git repository so everyone can examine them before writing their next entry.

Entries are only valid if they are made available under the GPLv2 licence like the game itself.

28th August 2008

                Selfish Git  929 (by Andy Balaam)
             TunnelMaker,v2  719 (by Edmund Stephen-Smith)
               WallFollower  627 (by Andy Balaam)
      Edmund's Tunnel Maker  571 (by Edmund Stephen-Smith)
             Arben's player  450 (by Arben Damoni)
 Fan Zhang's Random Player!  426 (by Fan Zhang)
         Pete Zero Zero One  334
                Bobs Player  329
                   Follower    0 (by Azam Aminuddin)

Troncode Results 2008-08-28

14th August 2008

 Edmund's Tunnel Maker  484 (by Edmund Stephen-Smith)
          WallFollower  417 (by Andy Balaam)
               Selfish  389 (by Andy Balaam)
           Bobs Player  261 (by Bob Campbell)
    Pete Zero Zero One  255 (by Pete Broadbent)
     Turn-Right-Killer  208
            Turn Right  168

Troncode Results 2008-08-14

31st July 2008

      WallFollower  366
 Turn-Right-Killer  202
        Turn Right  129
       Null Player    1

Troncode Results 2008-07-31

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